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Focused on the Northeast, New York and New Jersey, we provide solutions for customers with excess office furniture from small, medium to large companies. Our team prides itself on making a commitment and keeping that commitment

For over 20 years, we have provided liquidation services for some of the Northeast's largest corporations. Our staff can be relied on to successfully complete the removal on time and in a professional manner.

Whether your office is moving, downsizing or upgrading its décor, we can provide a total simplified solution that can include everything from inventorying the products to coordinating with other required trades. Transfer's staff works easily alongside electricians, cleaning crews and other trades, letting everyone involved complete their tasks quickly and easily.

Plus, depending on the volume and condition of the product being liquidated, your excess product can result in cash or credit toward the purchase of product for a new office. We always provide fair market value for all furniture and will provide you with an upfront, no-hassle valuation of all of your assets. And since our customers always come first, we can even make recommendations about when to donate used furniture for tax credit instead of putting it through a buyback back system.

And of course, having Transfer Enterprises liquidate your excess product helps the environment. "Going green" has become a trend, but recycling office furniture was how Statement Furniture and Transfer Enterprise Office Furniture were started, and our recycling services have kept over 2 million pounds of furniture out of landfills.

For more information about our liquidation, valuation, inventory and buyback services, please contact us or call us at (860) 645-9090 to speak with a Liquidation Expert.

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